A roast

Mobile dog physiotherapy practice in Berlin

Dog physiotherapy in Berlin

A grey day, it was wet, it was cold. A Saturday in November. We got up anyway, there was a big breakfast, for Manu and for me. Because on this Saturday in November the time had come. Manu wrote her intermediate theoretical examination in anatomy, neurology and physiology. She spent half a year preparing for this. I supported her, every day we studied together. Manu now knows my bones, my muscles, my cells and my nerves. It's a point of honour that I'm not leaving her alone on a day like this. Manu was very calm, I was at her side and lay down close to her during the test.

And lo and behold, Manu did it, she passed, the old nerd got an A! Me too, in a way, it's our one, she said, and hugged me. I got an extra rabbit ear on top. I'm a great study partner, I know that now. The best in the world, Manu says.

Manu already knows a lot and can help me very well. She massages my tense back, stretches my muscles, does gymnastics with me on wobble cushions and rides a bike with me. That's exactly what I need. Her treatment is doing so well and I'm showing her that. I feel better, things are easier. I jump around again and do shenanigans, I bark at myself in the mirror and am always in a good mood.

Together we made a trip to Hamburg. On the empty fish market I ran around without a line, we played, it was raining cats and dogs, I didn't care. I was so happy with my crew and everything. This time off has done us good.

And what comes now? Another trip! And to Bavaria. There might be snow there. I like snow and mountains and I love to run in the winter forest next to a fast sled. There is also a fireplace there. I wish to spend the Christmas days with Manu and my crew in my basket in front of the fireplace. All together. A roast would be great too.

Dog warmth

Mobilie dog physiotherapy practice in Berlin

Dog physiotherapy in Berlin

Names are hollow words. I can't hear anything anyway, I'm deaf. She smells so good. And how her warm, black and white body feels! No, it's not about Lina, the beautiful German shepherd lady.

Manu says her name is Polly and she is a Pointer bitch. She was nestled to me with her velvet ears, what could I do? It was so nice. But in order.

I've known Polly a little longer. She is also completing her training as a dog physiotherapist with Andrea Vüllings. In the seminar room we always sit next to each other. After many months Polly has now gathered all her courage and laid down in the basket with me during the seminar. That was pretty unusual for me. I don't know such a thing, I was insecure and got up first. Finally my Lina was there and we dogs had a lot to do this weekend.

Our people, the prospective dog physiotherapists, have learned isometric exercises. My buddy Cosmo, he knows his way around. He's done this a lot. Andrea and Cosmo showed how it works and together with our people we trained hard. I always support Manu, she's doing great. I even enjoy these exercises, even if I am speculating on one or the other cookie. I love cookies!

During this seminar weekend we also did stretching exercises for the front and back legs. Lina really likes it and as a test person she liked to lie down on the treatment couch. I looked at everything very carefully. Manu too, because she has to take really good care of me now. The orthopedic surgeon we went to says I have a muscle called iliopsoas that hurts. She's right! And now Manu and I know what we can do about my pain.

Tired from watching I lay down in my basket again. Then it happened. Take it easy. At first she only put her head against my back. Then she crept closer and lay down right next to me in my basket. Polly was cold. I was nervous. It felt beautiful, so familiar and so warm. Manu covered us, my eyelids became heavy and I fell asleep. Polly too.

It's nothing serious. Although this kind of proximity is a completely new experience for me. Polly and I are friends, we're here for each other.

I'm also here for Manu, without any ifs and buts. Because on the next seminar weekend their theoretical intermediate examination will take place. Manu and the other people write an exam on the anatomy, physiology and neurology of the dog. I'm pretty excited.

What does it look like?

Mobile dog physiotherapy practice in Berlin

Dog physiotherapy in Berlin

How do you like it when people stare at your legs and look behind you when you walk past them? Yes, it also made me a little uneasy at first. But there was a good reason for all this. During the training as a dog physiotherapist, Manu and the other people learn to recognise whether a dog has difficulty walking and what signs may indicate problems or illnesses. Sometimes these are really small details and Manu really has to look very closely during the so-called gait analysis.

Manu and the other prospective physiotherapists also took a close look at my gait. Apparently I have a problem with my left hind leg, so sometimes I don't take such big steps with it and don't load it as much as my right leg - and now I have to go to an orthopaedic surgeon for this - great!

What would beautiful Lina think of me? She was there again at the seminar weekend and did not miss the opportunity to have a look at my gait analysis. Before that we both have delicious dog liver sausage - from the same tube! - licked. Yes, we are already very familiar with each other and I was very happy to spend time with her.

And then this. Back and forth and back and forth. Not only walking, but also trotting, galloping and circling, upstairs, downstairs. I wanted to show my chocolate side and now she knows that my left hind leg seems to have less muscles than my right one - what does that look like?

This insight has a positive side effect: Manu now takes care of my back and my left hind leg in a very specific way. She moves my joints very gently and regularly massages my muscles. That feels so good, because I love running and running. Whenever possible, I'm out with Manu. Of course she also accompanies me to the orthopaedic surgeon. "No matter what comes, we'll make it," she said.

My Os carpi accessorium

Mobile dog physiotherapy in Berlin

Dog physiotherapy in Berlin

I'm blown away, my Saturday couldn't have been better. I already know the way to Andrea Vüllings practice for animal physiotherapy and acupuncture. Manu and I left a little earlier on Saturday: with the subway - ecological paw prints and all - to Alexanderplatz and on to Frankfurter Tor. This time we already got off at the underground station Weberwiese. Wife said I had to move around a little more.

And who was already there and waiting outside the door of the practice? The Lina! She was just about to catch wasps, ran towards me and greeted me stormy - I also got a kiss. A day to my taste!

At the beginning of the seminar I sat down with Lina for a while. I like having her around. She is always in a good mood and smells so beautifully of shepherd dog.

Our people spent the whole day on the treatment couch to learn the passive movement and functional testing of the joints of the front and rear limbs. For this purpose one of us dogs always lay down on the couch. Step by step we went to every important point.

From my seat I took a close look at what the prospective physiotherapists were doing. The other dogs were not afraid at all. I kind of do, this couch always reminds me of my visits to the vet. And there I pee on the doctor's feet - even before I am lifted onto the treatment table.

This time it was different. Everyone was so kind to me and gave me a lot of courage. I jumped on the couch and lay on my side. While my head was being stroked, Manu checked my joints - and lo and behold! My os carpi accessorium was blocked, that's such a small pea leg on my wrist. With a few simple steps, Frau was able to fix it.

After the examination everybody was totally happy, they praised me and gave me treats - they were proud of me!

And you know what? I see Lina more often now, because I am going to be her colleague in the practice. Then we rock the place together and meet lots of cool dogs. It's gonna be great! Manu supports Andrea regularly from September. She looks after dogs that do their exercises on the underwater treadmill and helps with physiotherapeutic treatment.

I'm sure I'll have lots of fun with Lina. For example, she can show me how to catch and swallow wasps without getting stung - I want that too!

First kiss

Mobile dog physiotherapy in Berlin

Dog physiotherapy in Berlin

I old Dalmatian warhorse have seen a lot of things. But love! It is always new and so beautiful!

On Saturday the time had come again. I accompanied Manu to the third seminar weekend for the training as a dog physiotherapist in Berlin.

Slowly I got used to the course of the seminars: First, the wife and the other prospective physiotherapists learn theory. A lot of theory. On these two days the focus was on the muscles of the dog. She makes my body what it is. I think my muscles fit me very well - my musculus biceps femoris is particularly well developed. That's the muscle that makes a pretty Popoone. And with that I live up to my name!

This is very interesting and I look at everything very closely. But I find the break much more interesting. I wait for this every time. In the training room we dogs show consideration for our humans, they want to learn. Sure, a little fun is a must! Some dog is always clowning around. But mostly we lie down next to our humans and listen patiently.

Then it was finally time for the break. The beautiful German Shepherd Lina got up, I did too. Lina rushed at me, sniffed my ear and gave me a kiss! I admit, I was a little intimidated because of her temperament - Lina is younger than me - and had to digest that first: Lina kissed me! And as if that was not enough, afterwards we went for a walk together with my dog friend Sonja and Lina. Lina, you made my day!

Later in the seminar we learned about different massage techniques besides anatomy. To make sure that people understand all this, one of the dogs always lies down on the treatment couch so that Andrea Vüllings, the lecturer, can show what is important. Even though I want to be cool, to be honest, I'm a little scared of the couch. When it was my turn and Manu asked me to jump on the couch, I could not hide my trembling. Fortunately, no one held it against me.

Lina has taken over my part. She is an old hand and even patiently participated in the breathing therapy, where a prospective dog physiotherapist put her hand on her chest and controlled her breath with a special technique. Manu practiced this on the floor with me too. I thought it was kind of silly and preferred to clean my penis extensively. One must show what one has.

I think I'm in love.

Massage, massage, coconut, pineapple!

Mobile dog physiotherapy in Berlin

Dog physiotherapy in Berlin

Woof, like a day at the beach! Exciting every minute and simply relaxing. I was still tired in the evening. And richer by the realization that something in the area of the lumbar spine hurts me.

Manu has learned to massage me professionally. There are quite a few massage grips. I was a little insecure at first. Woman made a serious face, she asked me to make room and lie on my side. Tick alert, I thought! Let's go.

Woman was just a little excited, I think. So I lay back down and made myself comfortable. Finally Manu is training as a dog physiotherapist to be able to help me and other dogs. I promised to always be there for her. When I noticed what she did - and how she did it - my eyes closed. Other dogs in the class even fart. I would never do such a thing.

She kneaded, milled, rubbed and rolled. Carefully she shook my legs out, stroked my fur and rolled along my back with such a funny wooden ball. Manu learns to use all these massage techniques individually with each dog. She does that very well, I now trust her completely - also when massaging.

When I opened my eyes again, I saw Lina, the beautiful shepherd dog lady and looked deep into her eyes. Earlier in the break she came to me, nudged me and wanted to play! If you and I hadn't been on a leash, I'm telling you, we'd have had it!

I'll see Lina again in a few weeks. Until then Manu with me to stretch slowly, massage my muscular legs and walk my back pain at the bottom. Her gentle massages are wonderful.

The beautiful Lina

Mobile dog physiotherapy in Berlin-Neukölln

Dog physiotherapy in Berlin

I was completely exhausted - the first seminar weekend for training as a dog physiotherapist is done, it was great!

In the evening I threw myself into my basket, stretched out all fours and slept deeply. Wife says I was dreaming a lot. Yes, I did. I have met very nice people; and even better: dogs! Eight dogs who, like me, help their humans to become really good dog physiotherapists. I was most impressed by a German shepherd dog lady named Lina - she's a knockout!

She belongs to Andrea Vüllings, she trains Manu. Andrea is an enthusiastic dog physiotherapist and runs her own practice for animal physiotherapy & animal health in Berlin-Friedrichshain.

The other dogs and I feel really comfortable in the practice. We get treats all the time. Besides a lot of theory, people have practiced finding important points on my body. They counted my vertebrae, felt my shoulder blades and ribs. They were also looking for my kneecap - that was funny, because my kneecap is only as big as the fingernail of your little finger!

We will continue at the beginning of July. Until then, Manu wants to know everything about the 321 bones of my body. I am there for her and of course I will be there again at the next seminar weekend - the beautiful Lina too. Do I give her a fluffy dried bunny ear to win her over?

The countdon is running!

Mobile dog physiotherapy in Berlin-Neukölln

Dog physiotherapy in Berlin

Woman starts! She becomes physiotherapist for dogs in Berlin. Lots of papers lying around. Woman sorts them, I pay attention and run to every pile of paper. I look at everything very carefully.

What does Manu start with? Sure, I understand. If Frau wants to help me and other animals, she must first learn exactly how my dotted Adonis body is constructed. Anatomy, she calls it - the basics.

Manu learns how many bones I have, I love bones! And how it works with the spine, the joints and the ligaments. She reads the whole thing very carefully, takes notes and learns the Latin terms.

She strokes me and I remain calm when she feels my head, my back and my legs bit by bit to understand my body better, that feels soo good!

The term Protubernatia occipitalis externa blurs before my eyes. Studying really takes it out of me. After all, I'm not that young anymore. So I curl up and take a nap in the Neuköllner sun.

Smells like shit! Popos adventure bag

Mobile dog physiotherapy in Berlin-Neukölln

Dog physiotherapy in Berlin

It's mePopo! Trash is poo. Garbage doesn't smell like a flower meadow and lies around everywhere. Especially in my Hood. This is Berlin-Neukölln. I love my neighbourhood, this is my home.

Woman don't like trash either. I feel a little embarrassed when she takes away my poo, which I always like to smell again. But I've gotten used to it. There are quite a few dogs on the way in Berlin. And more people.

What would happen if everyone would collect only one bag of garbage - an adventure bag - during their daily adventures with their dog; by the way, during the round around the block?

Manu bends down for my stinky pile too. So she might as well collect the bottle or the paper next to it, take it with her and throw it into the next bin.

It's easy, isn't it? It costs neither time nor money and gives you the good feeling of having done something for your neighbourhood, your city and your environment.

We're doing this. I'm proud of my crew. You pretty capital dogs, join in! #adventure bag

It's me, Popo!

Mobile dog physiotherapy in Berlin-Neukölln

Dog-Physotherapy in Berlin

Hello, you pretty capital city dogs, I am Popoa deaf Dalmatian man and live in Berlin.

My human is called Manu, we are best friends and experience many great things every day. In wind and weather we are on the road together. I love un-mowed meadows and dense forest and it is wonderful to chill with my people on the sofa. Manu gets me good food, she is happy when I don't stink and when my coat is nice and white, because then my spots shine in the sun. In short, I don't want to swap, Manu is always there for me.

I'm also here for Manu. She is now training as a dog physiotherapist because she wants to help me and other animals to stay healthy and agile and to become so again. Woman's got a knack for this kind of thing. It feels so good when she caresses me and massages me. I will support Manu in a very practical way, I am always there and learn with her, so that she can be there for other animals as well.