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Mobile dog physiotherapy in Berlin

The Chirodogs team for animal physiotherapy in Berlin: Popo's footprint

Dog physiotherapy in Berlin

I old Dalmatian warhorse have seen a lot of things. But love! It is always new and so beautiful!

On Saturday the time had come again. I accompanied Manu to the third seminar weekend for the training as a dog physiotherapist in Berlin.

Slowly I got used to the course of the seminars: First, the wife and the other prospective physiotherapists learn theory. A lot of theory. On these two days the focus was on the muscles of the dog. She makes my body what it is. I think my muscles fit me very well - my musculus biceps femoris is particularly well developed. That's the muscle that makes a pretty Popoone. And with that I live up to my name!

This is very interesting and I look at everything very closely. But I find the break much more interesting. I wait for this every time. In the training room we dogs show consideration for our humans, they want to learn. Sure, a little fun is a must! Some dog is always clowning around. But mostly we lie down next to our humans and listen patiently.

Then it was finally time for the break. The beautiful German Shepherd Lina got up, I did too. Lina rushed at me, sniffed my ear and gave me a kiss! I admit, I was a little intimidated because of her temperament - Lina is younger than me - and had to digest that first: Lina kissed me! And as if that was not enough, afterwards we went for a walk together with my dog friend Sonja and Lina. Lina, you made my day!

Later in the seminar we learned about different massage techniques besides anatomy. To make sure that people understand all this, one of the dogs always lies down on the treatment couch so that Andrea Vüllings, the lecturer, can show what is important. Even though I want to be cool, to be honest, I'm a little scared of the couch. When it was my turn and Manu asked me to jump on the couch, I could not hide my trembling. Fortunately, no one held it against me.

Lina has taken over my part. She is an old hand and even patiently participated in the breathing therapy, where a prospective dog physiotherapist put her hand on her chest and controlled her breath with a special technique. Manu practiced this on the floor with me too. I thought it was kind of silly and preferred to clean my penis extensively. One must show what one has.

I think I'm in love.