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Chirodogs - Animal Physiotherapy in Berlin: Manu in Panama

On my way as a physiotherapist for animals

Mobile dog physio in Berlin

It all began with a question in a hammock on a beach in Panama:

Manu, what makes you happy?

As a high school teacher I always liked to turn left and right from the path. I worked socio-pedagogically as a family helper in so-called social hotspots, as a consultant and office manager in the hectic political business and I proved myself entrepreneurially by founding and managing a language school. My dogs were always with me.

On my way as a physiotherapist for animals, my dalmatian called Popomy sharp critic, my tireless training partner, is my faithful friend.

My heart belongs to the old and sick animals - to enable them to live a happy life as seniors is a special concern of mine.

Doing good to animals. With much experience, knowledge and empathy. That's the answer. Plain. And simple.