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Animal physiotherapy in Berlin - practice and mobile

Animal physiotherapy is a very exciting discipline that is constantly evolving. The therapy options are as varied as the possible limitations or illnesses of your animal. From the broad spectrum, your animal receives exactly the treatment it needs. On this page you will find the Chirodogs therapy and care offers.

Before the actual treatment can begin, we have a detailed conversation: After all, you know your animal best and give it a voice. You can find details about the course of the interview and the treatment here.

Exercise therapy maintains the active and passive movement of the joints through techniques and exercises that are optimally adapted to your animal. Exercise therapy serves to improve or increase coordination, mobility and endurance. With the active and passive techniques the muscles can be strengthened and the well-being of your pet can be increased.
Dorn therapy is a gentle manual method to release vertebral blockages. It is very well accepted by animals.
Electrotherapy - the therapeutic treatment with low and medium frequency current (EMS & TENS) - is about relieving current and chronic pain and tension, slowing down muscle breakdown and stimulating damaged nerves, for example in paralysis. Your animal does not need to be shorn for electrotherapy. In order to achieve optimal results, I will rent you a rental device for use at home after detailed instructions.
During equipment training, the movement sequences of your pet are actively trained. Musculature can be strengthened and built up. At the same time, the mobility, endurance, coordination and body awareness of your low can improve. The equipment training is optimally adapted to the needs of your pet and is also used for rehabilitation and mobilisation.
Laser therapy stimulates both cell metabolism and cell growth. The therapeutic laser is used for diseases of the locomotor system and for the treatment of chronic complaints. Due to the anti-inflammatory effect, scars can also be lasered. A laser comb is used, whose rays penetrate through the fur and skin into the tissue of your animal. Shaving the area to be treated is therefore not necessary.
Manual therapy is a mobilizing technique to treat the disorders in your pet's musculoskeletal system. Manual techniques can be used, for example, in cases of joint problems, arthrosis, after operations or in the case of a disturbance in nerve gliding.
In magnetic field therapy, a pulsating magnetic field is generated. When your pet lies down on the magnetic field mat I use - for example during a massage - the magnetic field penetrates the entire body of your pet. The magnetic field therapy can lead to a better oxygen supply in the body, to the activation of the immune system and thus to faster regeneration. Magnetic field therapy can alleviate pain and is a helpful support, for example, for muscle, tendon and ligament disorders, arthrosis, circulatory disorders and respiratory diseases.
In this form of therapy, which is specially designed for older animals, the focus is on creating age-appropriate movement concepts that are optimally tailored to the needs of your pet. Through individual treatments such as massages and manual therapy, the quality of life of your pet can be maintained and increased. In cooperation with your attending veterinarian, the main focus is on pain relief or pain therapy. At the same time you will receive comprehensive advice to make your pet's everyday life as pleasant as possible. This also includes advice on any aids that may be necessary.
Death and bereavement care is about giving your pet a painless and dignified last stage of life. How can we make your pet's last days as comfortable as possible? Can your pet die a natural death or should it be euthanised? Is it possible for your pet to die at home in its familiar environment? Who can provide meaningful support for your pet? What happens to your pet's body after death, what options are there?
Not only we humans love gentle hands that feel exactly where the pain is and therapists* who know their trade. Most animals are extremely grateful patients who do not miss a massage. Every animal has individual needs and preferences, often also serious diseases. Perhaps your pet has problems with the locomotor system, such as osteoarthritis or spondylosis. Maybe it has an injury from an accident or it needs physiotherapeutic support after an operation. Senior citizens and frightened and hyperactive animals can also benefit. A therapeutic massage not only relaxes the muscles and promotes blood circulation, it also works deep into the inner organs. Thus a targeted massage can also be used for gastrointestinal problems and slight incontinence of your pet. The classical therapeutic massage has the aim of maintaining and increasing the well-being of the patient with special grips, reducing stress, alleviating possible pain and preventing it. These massage techniques are combined as required with other forms of therapy, which also use aids such as brushes or fascia and hedgehog balls. For reasons of environmental protection and sustainability, care is taken in all treatments to use therapy equipment made of renewable raw materials such as wood or cork as far as possible.
Thermotherapy includes heat and cold therapy, which is applied to your pet as needed. It can have a relaxing, pain-relieving, blood circulation-promoting and anti-inflammatory effect.
Well cared for paws, claws and pads contribute to the general condition of your pet and reduce the risk of injury. Excessively long claws can also lead to impaired walking or running and cause serious long-term orthopaedic problems. By shortening the claws with a claw scissors or a claw sander, the claws are brought to the optimal length. Hair that is too long between the pads is removed. In addition, the bales are treated with a natural balm.
The topic of dental hygiene is about recognising and avoiding possible dental diseases in time. By brushing your dog's teeth regularly with an ultrasonic toothbrush specially designed for dogs, we can counteract the formation of tartar. In this way, we can ensure healthy teeth in the long term and, in the best case, your dog will not need dental cleanings under anaesthetic. I use an emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush for gentle tooth cleaning.
Clear answer: Yes! Mobile physiotherapy has the advantage that your cat can be treated at home in its familiar surroundings. The often exhausting way to the practice is omitted. You save your cat the transport box and the unfamiliar terrain. Please contact me, together we will discuss how we can support your cat physiotherapeutically.

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Your animal needs physiotherapy? Feel free to contact me: by phone at +49 1590 13 73 449, by mail to kontakt(at), by using the contact form on this page or the questionnaire prepared for you. Since I want to give my patients my full attention during a treatment, you can reach me most reliably by sending me an email; I will get back to you as soon as possible.

According to § 3 Heilmittelwerbegesetz (HWG) it is pointed out that the effectiveness of the naturopathic procedures described on these pages is currently not scientifically investigated or proven.