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Dog physiotherapy in Berlin

A grey day, it was wet, it was cold. A Saturday in November. We got up anyway, there was a big breakfast, for Manu and for me. Because on this Saturday in November the time had come. Manu wrote her intermediate theoretical examination in anatomy, neurology and physiology. She spent half a year preparing for this. I supported her, every day we studied together. Manu now knows my bones, my muscles, my cells and my nerves. It's a point of honour that I'm not leaving her alone on a day like this. Manu was very calm, I was at her side and lay down close to her during the test.

And lo and behold, Manu did it, she passed, the old nerd got an A! Me too, in a way, it's our one, she said, and hugged me. I got an extra rabbit ear on top. I'm a great study partner, I know that now. The best in the world, Manu says.

Manu already knows a lot and can help me very well. She massages my tense back, stretches my muscles, does gymnastics with me on wobble cushions and rides a bike with me. That's exactly what I need. Her treatment is doing so well and I'm showing her that. I feel better, things are easier. I jump around again and do shenanigans, I bark at myself in the mirror and am always in a good mood.

Together we made a trip to Hamburg. On the empty fish market I ran around without a line, we played, it was raining cats and dogs, I didn't care. I was so happy with my crew and everything. This time off has done us good.

And what comes now? Another trip! And to Bavaria. There might be snow there. I like snow and mountains and I love to run in the winter forest next to a fast sled. There is also a fireplace there. I wish to spend the Christmas days with Manu and my crew in my basket in front of the fireplace. All together. A roast would be great too.