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The Chirodogs team for animal physiotherapy in Berlin: Popo's footprint

Dog physiotherapy in Berlin

Names are hollow words. I can't hear anything anyway, I'm deaf. She smells so good. And how her warm, black and white body feels! No, it's not about Lina, the beautiful German shepherd lady.

Manu says her name is Polly and she is a Pointer bitch. She was nestled to me with her velvet ears, what could I do? It was so nice. But in order.

I've known Polly a little longer. She is also completing her training as a dog physiotherapist with Andrea Vüllings. In the seminar room we always sit next to each other. After many months Polly has now gathered all her courage and laid down in the basket with me during the seminar. That was pretty unusual for me. I don't know such a thing, I was insecure and got up first. Finally my Lina was there and we dogs had a lot to do this weekend.

Our people, the prospective dog physiotherapists, have learned isometric exercises. My buddy Cosmo, he knows his way around. He's done this a lot. Andrea and Cosmo showed how it works and together with our people we trained hard. I always support Manu, she's doing great. I even enjoy these exercises, even if I am speculating on one or the other cookie. I love cookies!

During this seminar weekend we also did stretching exercises for the front and back legs. Lina really likes it and as a test person she liked to lie down on the treatment couch. I looked at everything very carefully. Manu too, because she has to take really good care of me now. The orthopedic surgeon we went to says I have a muscle called iliopsoas that hurts. She's right! And now Manu and I know what we can do about my pain.

Tired from watching I lay down in my basket again. Then it happened. Take it easy. At first she only put her head against my back. Then she crept closer and lay down right next to me in my basket. Polly was cold. I was nervous. It felt beautiful, so familiar and so warm. Manu covered us, my eyelids became heavy and I fell asleep. Polly too.

It's nothing serious. Although this kind of proximity is a completely new experience for me. Polly and I are friends, we're here for each other.

I'm also here for Manu, without any ifs and buts. Because on the next seminar weekend their theoretical intermediate examination will take place. Manu and the other people write an exam on the anatomy, physiology and neurology of the dog. I'm pretty excited.