It's me, Popo!

Mobile dog physiotherapy in Berlin-Neukölln

The Chirodogs team for animal physiotherapy in Berlin: Popo's footprint

Dog-Physotherapy in Berlin

Hello, you pretty capital city dogs, I am Popoa deaf Dalmatian man and live in Berlin.

My human is called Manu, we are best friends and experience many great things every day. In wind and weather we are on the road together. I love un-mowed meadows and dense forest and it is wonderful to chill with my people on the sofa. Manu gets me good food, she is happy when I don't stink and when my coat is nice and white, because then my spots shine in the sun. In short, I don't want to swap, Manu is always there for me.

I'm also here for Manu. She is now training as a dog physiotherapist because she wants to help me and other animals to stay healthy and agile and to become so again. Woman's got a knack for this kind of thing. It feels so good when she caresses me and massages me. I will support Manu in a very practical way, I am always there and learn with her, so that she can be there for other animals as well.